2 Paréos Mandala - Rosé

39,60 €
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2 x Paréos Mandala - Rosé



Pays d'origine IDN Indonésie

Unit weight 0.200 Kg

Unit dimensions 140x100 (cm)

made from 100% rayon. Made in Bali, 

These Sarongs were made in a perfect size to wrap around the waist, also can be both sporty and elegant, perfect to be worn for any occasion, especially as a beachwear accessory. Bali Mandala Sarongs are featured in six different amazing designs. Each design come in pack of 2 pieces. The scarves/Sarongs material are made from 100% rayon. Size: L:140 cm W: 100 cm; made from 100% rayon. Made in Bali, Indonesia.